Tiny Pocket Tank versions 1 and 2 

hello, it’s been far too long. I’m back at work now and although I’ve found time to sew, finding time to blog has been difficult. I’m determined to keep it up though, has anyone got any recommendations on how to do this? I am thinking one way of doing this maybe to stick to a simpler more visual format, so I think I play around with different templates until I find one I’m happy with, so please bear with me!

On today’s blog I’d like to talk about to fairly recent makes my two tiny pocket tanks. 

  • Pattern

Grainline Studios, tiny pocket tank, I love tank tops and this pattern jumped out as summer staple. I ordered a paper version online but you can get a PDF version too.

  • Fabric

For version one I used this cool black and white zig zag cotton lawn from the Village Habadashery.

For version 2 I cut up an old Gap shirt of my husbands. This is my first attempt at refashioning and I have too say I really enjoyed it! Starting with a actual garment and the altering it is a different experience then starting with a blank piece of fabric and I really liked the challenge. I chickened out of just cutting away at the shirt and instead decided to use this pattern as a starting point. I used the buttons as a centre line and strangely enough the front pattern piece just fit the width of the shirt! I also kept the hem line. One less job and I really liked the shape of the bottom of the shirt.

  • Any fit/sizing alterations? 

I went for the size that fitted my bust measurement, and before cutting into my fabric I made a muslin out of a old duvet cover and found that I had some slight issues. I needed to lengthen the straps and raise the bust dart up a bit, I thought this had worked but there are still some issues with the finished tops which I’ll come too later. Anyone else find that sometimes the simplest tops are the most tricky to fit?

  • Where the instructions easy to follow? 

They were, it was a quick and satisfying sew.

  • Would you make it again? If so what changes would you make?

Yes I would make it again, I’ve already made it twice. I realise now though that I need to follow my upper bust measurement as this top is slightly too small across my upper chest just under my arms. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this and found that the upper bust measurement relates more to your shoulder measurement then your bust. I have board shoulders so I need to allow for this by making a slightly bigger version and then taking some access fabric of the front out by making a small bust adjustment, to me it seems very complicated! But I look forward to having another go and perfecting it!

Can you see how it pinches under the arm. So annoying! But I love this top so I will carry on wearing it.

  • What did I learn?

That I need some help on perfecting my fit, I can sew using beautiful fabrics and make lovely tops but if they don’t fit correctly or comfortably I won’t wear them or feel good about wearing them. With this in mind I’ve booked on a course later in August on fit and will share my experiences with you.


lovely soft binding from John Lewis


In conclusion, I do love this pattern and I WILL prefect it and makes lots of versions! I’m planning a colour block version.  I would recommend it, but I would also recommend making a muslin too. The weather has turned cool so think I will be making some warmer tops!

I’ll be back soon with some more posts on my recent Emmeline Tee and Archer Button Shirt makes!


7 thoughts on “Tiny Pocket Tank versions 1 and 2 

  1. These both look great and honestly you’d never notice the pinching, though it’s annoying if it’s uncomfortable. Your shirt refashion is so clever! I changed my size for the latest tiny pocket tank I’m making & lengthened the straps after seeing your instagram pics. I’ve still to sew the binding on but am hopeful this will help the fit, fingers crossed!
    I’ve no helpful tips on blogging sorry, I struggle with making time for blogging too. A simple format sounds like a good plan though. I’ve started trying to write notes, or just start blog post, as I’m sewing. That way I don’t forget any issues I’ve had, things I’d change next time etc, but that doesn’t help with actually getting round to posting!

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    1. Oh I like the idea of writing as you go. That make sense. It would be a bit fresher too. Otherwise I might just have to start writing on the train!
      Good luck with your new version. I look forward to hearing how it turns out. I think it’s such a classic pattern it’s worth the extra effort. X


  2. I had similar fitting issues with my sorbetto tops. Going up a size made them massive, doing a FBA made them massive so I ended up just increasing the width of the back piece as it was my shoulders, not bust, causing the problem. A complete cheat but it worked!

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  3. Your tops are lovely. I hope you are able to get the fit issues sorted out on your course – if it is your shoulders causing the problem like Alison says. you can do a broad shoulder adjustment on the back too, and that way you won’t end up with loads of extra fabric at the back. I don’t know if that’s the cause though. These things are so tricky!

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  4. These Both look great. I love the black and white print, and the shirt refashion is an excellent idea That I will be copying!

    I quite often write blog posts during my lunch break at work. Obviously I can’t add the photos, and I don’t necessarily remember the exact details, but I can get the bulk of the writing done, and then it’s a quick process to add the extra stuff in the evening. Or alternatively, I write on the evenings I’m too tired to sew. I sometimes write a couple of posts at once, even just rough drafts.

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