A quick round up of my 2nd New Look 6344 and Juila Cardigan 

During May I finished these two projects off, however I’ve been distracted and haven’t got round to sharing them. So I thought I’d take advantage of the toddler getting me up at the crack of dawn to do a quick round up post. 

The first is a New look 6344. The fabric is Morning Walk voile from the Village Habdashery.

I have already used the pattern before  in this top. It’s already become a work wear staple and so easy and comfy to wear. It doesn’t even need ironed! My idea of practical clothing.

I wanted to make another version and this time try the collarless view. I loved the morning walk fabric and thought the gentle drapy style of the pleats would suit the fabric and the dream like flowers and leaves in the pattern.

The top was a straight forward sew as I’d made a version already. I have to say I am really pleased with how the seaweed like leaves are both pointing to the middle of the central pleat.

I had mentioned in my last New Look 6344 top that I wanted to try out French seams on the armholes as I was unsatisfied with just zig zag stitching the edges. So I went for it and I have to say it worked a treat and was much easier then I had thought it would be. I am really pleased with the result and I feel it takes my sewing to the next level and hopefully makes my homemade clothes even more durable.

I think the inky green colour of the fabric works well with my wardrobe of increasingly navy trousers and skirts.


I’m really pleased with this top and will be wearing it lots! In fact I wore it on my first day back to work after mat leave and it cheered me up!

Julia Cardigan

My second make is this Julia Cardigan. I made two versions of this at the same time one for myself and my mum as a birthday present. It’s the first time I’ve used a PDF pattern and I found it easier and more enjoyable to stick together then I had thought it would have been.

I had to set up a production line, there are a lot of pieces to cut out for this top and they were all dark navy Jersey and I knew it would be very easy to get confused so I used wasabi tape to label each one with the pattern reference and who they belonged too. This worked really well and I would recommend it as a method for staying organised. Especially with patterns that use a lot of pieces or fabric that has similar front and reverse sides.

I used my walking foot for the first time and my sewing machines over locker stitch. This approach worked really well.  I’m so glad the walking foot proved to be useful as it was not cheap! I have to say the instructions to fit it were pretty useless as well! Saying that the walking foot has given me a lot more confidence with using finer more stretchy Jersey. I think it will prove useful in stripes and pattern matching.

The cardigan came together very easily. It fits well! It is actually quite warm.  It will get lots of wear too!


So that’s my sewing round up. It’s so easy to forget to blog about things! Now I’m back at work I’ll to make sure I find time for sewing and blogging. Any tips for fitting it all in?

Jen x


12 thoughts on “A quick round up of my 2nd New Look 6344 and Juila Cardigan 

  1. These arE both lovely! I have never tried French seaming the sleeves because it always just sounded too difficult – setting each sleeve in twice!!! Might give it a go next time, though. Glad the walking foot worked well for you. I can’t use mine with the overlooking stitch on my machine, as the stitch requires a special foot itself, but I can use he zigzag and lightening stitch (the machine instructions say I can’t use the lightening stitch, but I couldn’t see why not, so tried it and it was fine. Weird!).

    Nice idea to wear something lovely on your first day back. I’ll try that too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My instructions didn’t even mention what stitches you can or can’t use, so I was a bit nervous. But it seemed fine. It’s nice to have a creative bubble of something you’ve made to remember it’s not all about work. Good luck. Hope it goes well. Xx


  2. Both these are gorgeous. I’ve made a couple of Julia cardigans and love them, and I now have this top pattern on my wish list. It looks like it would be a great wardrobe staple.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the pleats on your top, the style really reminds me of a Boden top they’ve done for the past few years. I can see why it’s become a staple for you! I’m also really taken with your Julia cardigan, I really will need to get this pattern!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the fact you compared it to the boden top as that was my inspiration. I’d made the black and white one then browsing through the boden catalogue I saw their version and was inspired to make one. Although the one I saw didn’t have sleeves. So I’m so chuffed that you made the link too! The Julia cardigan is a great pattern. Really quick to sew up. Xx


  4. Both of these are totally gorgeous. I love the blouse and much kudos for the French seamed armscycle. I do the trick with tape on the wrong sides of pattern pieces too. I use masking tape sothatican write on it.

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