Vintage Pledge 70’s Denim Skirt

I’m a wee bit behind with my blogging, there are other projects higher on the list but this skirt has jumped the queue. It’s one of those projects you finish and want to dance around in straight away! 

I had a mega wardrobe clear out recently and one of the things I quickly realised is that I was missing is a denim skirt. I really liked the idea of a vintage A line denim skirt, but didn’t know were to start. So whilst browsing through Me-Made-May on Instagram I was inspired by Aunt Honey’s Estate skirt and hunted down the pattern.

I had thought the 12 would fit and quickly realised I am not a vintage 12! I am more like a 16. I thought about it and decided to take a chance and upsize the pattern. It’s an A line  skirt so I thought it should be reasonably easy to adjust. I cut the waist line out if some text fabric and worked out I needed to add 8 inches! I thought about it and decided to evenly distribute the additional fabric either side of the darts. I am not sure if this is the correct technique, but sometimes I think you just have to have a go and see what happens.

I cut out the pattern in some cheap fabric and tried it on and it seemed to fit. I have to admit I tacked my muslin rather then sewing it properly, as I am too impatient, tried it on and it fitted. So I went ahead and started cutting into my denim.

The pattern is really cute, I loved the quirky pictorial details, like the zipper, machine foot and buttons.

So after sewing the main body of the skirt and spending ages on my lapped seams I tried  the skirt on without the waist band and realised it was far too big. I had to remove a inche from both side seams and the waist band. Another lesson learnt, try on before finishing seams! So I unpicked the pockets and seams and moved everything over. But I have to say it was worth the effort, it fits so well now.

Other than the sizing issues it was a really simple sew. I had a few goes at my lapped zip and in end it worked and treat. I found the top stitching tricky but I’d definetly feel confident  about have another go in another pattern.

The pattern suggest using a button, but I don’t think thata button was right for the look I want to go for. I had a rake around and found some poppers and decided to use those instead as I wanted to keep the waist band clean and simple.

I had a wee go at some top stitching on the amazing pockets. So useful for train tickets, dummies etc… If you haven’t noticed I love the pockets! Also a here is a detailed look at my seams.

I went for some green spotty binding on hem.

I am really pleased with the finished skirt, although I don’t look like I am in my photos.

I’m so pleased with this skirt, I feel like it has raised my sewing confidence  up another level. It fits well, it’s comfortable and I am pleased with the finish. Its also my first attempt at a vintage pattern which will go with some many of my items in my wardrobe and therefore is the sort of vintage sewing I’d like to do more of. For me it has to be practical, comfortable and suit my style. I think this skirt does fit that category and it has added another interesting element to my sewing. So thank you to the vintage pledge for inspiring me to have a go. Also to Aunt Honey’s Estate on Instagram  for sharing her beautiful skirt.


9 thoughts on “Vintage Pledge 70’s Denim Skirt

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my Instagram post, having said that, you did an exceptional job sewing your skirt! Your explanation and the pictures of the process were wonderful.

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  2. Great skirt. I really love it, and the pockets and top stitching are just perfect. So great to have made something you know you will love wearing, and will get tons of wear! You are reminding me I still have to get cracking on my vintage pledge too. I think you will approve of my planned fabric choice for my shirt dress: chambray (yet to buy it).

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    1. Thanks Helen!! I am chuffed with it. I think it will be useable in winter and summer so a good all rounder. Oh a chambray dress will be so lovely! Such a great fabric to go with lots of other colours. Can’t wait to see how it comes together. X


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