Me-Made-May 2015 – the half way point! 

So it’s the 15th half way through May, where has the time gone? I’m sad May is passing so quickly especially as my maternity leave finishes at the start of June. But I have been enjoying Me-Made-May!

So I’ve managed to wear homemade clothes most days, apart from a couple mid week days and a day where I repeated an outfit. I am running out of homemade clothes so there will a lot of repeats in the second half of May. I think that’s fine, I didn’t want to sew new clothes just for the sake of having lots of homemade things to wear. I am hoping to create a interchangeable, everything goes with everything kind of capsule wardrobe and I don’t mind repeating things. I think so far I’m on the right track, as you can see by my recap photos I wear lots of things more then once, like jeans, cardigans and stripy tops.

  • Day 1 Mathilde Blouse and red jeans.
  • Day 2 Collette Laurel in denim, stripy H&M top.
  • Day 3 Grainline Linden Sweatshirt and Gap denim shirt.
  • Day 4 Grainline Scout Tee, navy jeggins and green cardigan

  • Day 5 dotty Coco and black jeans
  • Day 6 Fancy Tiger Crafts’ Salior Top, navy waterfall cardigan and jeans.
  • Day 7 navy quilted Linden sweatshirt, Stripy H&M top and jeans.
  • Day 8 horse burda blouse and black jeans.

  • Day 9 Colour block Grainline Scout Tee, tan cardigan and jeans.
  • Day 10 dotty New Look 6344 blouse, tan cardigan and black jeans.
  • Day 11 chambray Grainline Scout Tee and red jeans.
  • Day 12 chambray deer and doe chardon, H&M top and brown shoes.

So looking at the photos and thinking about what I need, I’ve decided to make a denim skirt and in an Instagram photo by @aunthoneysestate for Me Made May, which featured a skirt made from this pattern in denim and I am going to be cheeky and make my own version. I’ve ordered the pattern which I found on esty and I’m really excited about it! Instragramers should also check out Aunt Honey’s  Estate’s feed, it’s so lovely! 

Also I realise navy is reoccurring theme in my wardrobe and I wear the same cardigan all the time and I’m lost without it. I live in Glasgow and hate being cold, so I’ve cut out a Juila Cradigan in navy Jersey ready to sew it together. I’ve also bought a grey ready made cardigan which I think will go with lots of my homemade clothes.

I’m loving the Me Made May experience on Instagram. It’s great to see what everyone else is up too and feel the mutual support and appreciation. I think it has also helped me to wear the clothes I have in my wardrobe that sometimes don’t get worn.

MMM and having a visual diary of my clothes has got me thinking about creating a colour palette and trying to stick to this for all future clothes and fabric purchases. One of the main reasons I don’t wear things is if I don’t have anything to wear with that particular item. So I’m hoping a select colour palette for all my clothes would make fitting new items into my wardrobe easier. Has anyone created a colour palette  like this? How did you approach it?

Enjoy the rest of Me Made May! X


2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2015 – the half way point! 

  1. I think I’ve missed some of your Instagram updates, sorry, but these outfits all look great and work together really well. I love the skirt pattern. I’m also thinking of a denim skirt for summer, possibly either the Megan Nielsen Kelly (which I already own) or the Marilla Walker Evan (which has some really interesting pocket details). We’ll see though – I have such a long and never ending list already!!!

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