Stripy Fancy Tiger Crafts – Salior Top 

So last Saturday was a big treat for me, 4 hours child free sewing at the lovely Stitchery in Glasgow with Kerry, Elaine, Franca, and Katy . Cassandra who runs the Sitchery also joined us, I have to say she is a fountain of sewing knowledge! I loved the sewing chat. 

Elaine, me, Franca and Kerry

It is such a lovely studio to sew in, it’s light, bright and has lovely views of my beloved Glasgow. The Sitchery is worth checking out they  run lots of courses and different sessions, and I’d highly recommend paying them a visit, check their website out for more info. They also sell lovely patterns and some high quality sewing supplies. We discovered woven interfacing whilst there!

The view of Glasgow from the stitchery window.

So back to the sewing, we each bought along our own sewing projects and I worked on this top. 


After the success of my Lets have a Party, True Colors,  Grainline Scout Tee I couldn’t resist buying some more fabric from the same collection so this time I went  with ‘Rave on’ again from the Village Habdashery. 

The stripy design on the fabric is very linear and I wanted a simple sewing pattern to show this off. It is a very light fabric so I thought a loose summery top would be good. So after lots of pattern browsing  I decided to go with the Sailor Top, as I felt the regan sleeves and simple body would show off the pattern. I also felt the neckline would provide an nice point of interest.

After my recent issues with fit, I decided to make a muslin to test out the pattern. I went with the medium size, which was slightly larger on the bust size then my measurement but I hoped this would give me some room for my shoulders.

Not the best fit…

When I tried it on I couldn’t move and I felt like the hulk! So I tried again, this time mixing the large sleeves and a medium body, however altering the arm holes by tracing those of the off the large body. I also used the large neckline piece. This time the top fitted around the arms and shoulders but the neckline gapped. I took some access out of the neck band and transferred theses little darts to the pattern pieces. It worked a treat!

Sometimes I don’t bother testing out patterns, but I am starting to enjoy figuring out how to make things fit better. I used cheap sheeting cotton, and black cotton on this trial, what fabric do you use for yours?

  I am really pleased  with finished results (even if the neckline is a little wobbly). I used French seams and I think I may have divided the seam allowance incorrectly and made the seams slightly narrower, as my finished top feels bigger then the muslin, but as long as it is not smaller then I am happy! I went with my trademark rolled hems, but followed the instructions for the sleeve facings. 

The lovely inside
the wobbly neckline!

The neckline instructions suggests you stitch in the ditch, which I did but I wasn’t happy with the finish. This fabric is quite light and I thought about using interfacing to strengthen the neckpiece. But I decided to unpick and then hand stitch. I know it’s not prefect but I’m happier with the results. I don’t hand sew very often and it was also nice to sit on the sofa and hand stitch. In fact I’d like to learn more about hand sewing.

   So overall I am pleased, it is a lovely light top and will be prefect to wear on those rare hot days in Glasgow and layered up with an extra white t shirt on our normal cold days!  I love the pattern and will make more. I think next time in a darker material. I don’t usually wear such light colours!

As I’ve said this was one of those projects where I found the fabric and then looked for the pattern. I always find slightly stressful, as when buying fabric without a pattern I always worry I am not buying enough or wasting money on too much. Which do you buy first pattern or fabric?


6 thoughts on “Stripy Fancy Tiger Crafts – Salior Top 

  1. This is so lovely and will be perfect for summer, when it comes! For muslins, I use unbleached cotton from Ikea, which is about £2/m. It doesn’t work for everything, as it’s not that lightweight, but it’s fine for quite a lot. And whatever thread is in the machine!

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