Dotty Monochrome Blouse, New Look 6344

So last week I rustled this little number up and I have to admit I am very pleased with it.

I have had the fabric for ages, I bought it in Mandors, Glasgow. It is a dotty rayon and quite slippy and slightly transparent. I have a thing for black and white so the dots so the the fabric jumped out at me. I didn’t know what I was going to make when I purchased the fabric, so it’s been sat in a box waiting whilst I have browsing patterns and waiting for something to jump out at me. I had thought about making Sewaholic Oakridge blouse but I didn’t have enough fabric (it is one greedy pattern and it needs 3 metres!). So finally I stumbled across New Look 6344, not the most romantic of names! But hey it only cost £2.50 or something like that and it has lots of options so 6344 works for me! 

I decided to go with version B, it has front pleats from the neckline meeting under a collar and is longer then version C.  My pet hate is short tops, so the fact this top comes in a longer version is a bonus to me.

Here is the final version. I am so pleased. I love the drape of the fabric I think it works well with this pattern.  This is my first attempt at a collar and I think I just about pulled it off, although I had a couple of issues with the binding, read on for more info!

I should have given it another iron!
I am happy, honestly!
I think  the top works well untucked and as the fabric Is thin it can be tucked in too for a slightly smarter look. So it will be prefect for when I return to work in June. I think it fits well. I like my blouses to be loose. I went for a size 12 and it fits well on the shoulders. It will be a pleasure to wear.

grumpy again

I am not as pleased with how the dots join on the centre seam. But think I can get away with it. Plus, I can’t see the join when wearing.

I used my favourite French seams, my go to seam finish!

I zig zag stitched the  armholes, a finish that I find unsatisfactory, so after completing  this project I have been researching arm hole finishes and discovered French seams for armholes, so I’ll be attempting this on my next project. Has anyone attempted this technique? It looks straight forward enough. However on some sheer fabric it might not be so easy. Watch this space to see my progress. I wish I had tried it out with this one.

These are the pleats under the collar. I like the affect and I will be attempting the collarless version at a later date. The pleats were very easy to put together and I like the affect they create.

So as mentioned already the binding was the only tricky bit. I  used pre-brought binding, which turned out to be too wide and maybe too stiff. Nice soft binding is so hard to find. Although I’ve recently got some from John Lewis which is lovely.

When I attached the binding to the neckline it made the collar stand up away from my neck. So I unpicked it (I’ve been doing a lot of unpicking lately!) After fiddling around with it and decided to fold it under more to make the binding narrower and I then tacked it to try it out, then I machined it and used my taliors ham and iron to give it a good press. I think it now sits well.


The pattern said to use a loop and a button, but I went with a popper as I did not  want the neck line to be any wider. I think it works well, I am not sure but I might sew a little fake button on top just to finish the back. 

So all in all I am very pleased with this top! I think it will becomea wardrobe staple and I can see it working with lots of my current clothes.

I have been sewing a lot of independent patterns recently and found whilst making this one I missed the friendly instructions. Although I would definitely recommend this pattern and attempting another version at later date.

Happy sewing xxx


10 thoughts on “Dotty Monochrome Blouse, New Look 6344

  1. It’s lovely! Not a pattern I’ve seen before but I like it. I’ve never used bought bias binding. I always tend to make my own, although I don’t particularly enjoy doing so. And yes, I always look grumpy when I do t smile for photos. I wonder how models pull it off?!

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    1. I hadn’t seen it anywhere before either. I googled it and haven’t seen many examples of other people who have made it. I can’t believe you make all your own binding. I hate cutting straight lines 😞 do you use one of those binder maker things to fold it with an iron. I am too lazy! But it’s a nice pattern id recommend it. X


  2. I also have never seen the pattern before but I love it. I recently actually made my own binding for the Washi dress which has a partially exposed underarm. I had made another version with a store bought binding and it was too stiff. This time I just didn’t have one on hand so I cut my own and its so much better!

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    1. Thank you so much. I stumbled across it on the new look simplicity site, they had a sale on which made it extra tempting! I think I am going to have go give the making my own binding a proper go! I’ve made little bits for the grainline scout tee. Right you’ve both talked me into it! X

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I have seen a few tutorials and it doesn’t look too difficult. I’ll have a go and then share my experiences! I’ll also put up links to all the tutorials I’ve found. It looked straight forward. I like your idea of folding it to the bodice and top stitching too. Thanks for sharing xx


  3. Love it! The fabric goes brilliantly with the pattern. I hate making my own binding so normally use bought stuff, but, the homemade stuff is so much nicer to use, even if I do end up with burnt fingers…!

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  4. I really like this blouse, not a pattern I’ve seen before, but I’ll be looking out for a copy for myself. It’s just the type of thing I like for work or casual wear.

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