My first Me Made May Pledge

I am so excited about taking part in Me Made May, but I am also daunted at thethought of trying to wear me-made clothes for a month! Click on the button of the page for more info on where to sign up.

I have been given lots of thought on how I to get involved as i am not sure I have enough Me Made Clothes to get me through May, especially as I will still be on mat leave and some of my homemade clothes are for work. So I am going to try and wear homemade every day and keep a record of it, but I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t manage to wear homemade everyday. I will be interested to see the difference when I try and do this again next year!

So here is my pledge –

I, Jen of Hummingbird Sews, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear a handmade item on as many days as possible for the duration of May 2015

This pledge forms part of a greater one and I think taking part in me-made-May will help me to achieve my ideal Wardrobe plan –

  • Ideally I’d like to figure out a capsule wardrobe with easily interchangeable items, in colours that suit me.
  • I want to get rid of some stuff and focus on what I should make and what styles work for me, so that I actually wear the things I have in my wardrobe.  Also think about what lingers at the back of my wardrobe that isn’t being used and why?
  • I want to sew items I will actually wear and fit me and my lifestyle well. But I think I may need to question whether I make the right choices about my clothes, am I adventurous enough or just in a rut.
  • I am to buy less clothes from the shops. So far this year I have only bought some jeans and trousers  so I am already making some progress.

Gaps I’m aware of already –

  • I already know I need to make a cardigan and  so I’m planning on making the Julia. I feel the cold so easily need layers and I like the idea of this one


  • I also don’t have a lot of variety in in trousers or skirts. I wear jeans day in and day out. Currently I’m on mat leave so wear more casual clothes maybe the balance of my wardrobe will change when I go back to work. But apart from my denim Colette Laurel I haven’t worn a skirt in months… I have some chambray and I am planning on making the deer and Doe Chardon.,I also quite like Tilly and the buttons new pattern and think that could work for me .

I’ll be sharing my Me Made Outfits on Instagram and I’m really looking forward to following the #mmmay15 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Will I see you there?

Are you taking part in Me-Made-May? If so what are your plans?

Wish me luck x


9 thoughts on “My first Me Made May Pledge

  1. Good luck with your pledge and I’m sure you’ll love taking part! I didn’t manage last year but just loved it the year before so I’m going to give it a go again this year. I keep thinking of buying the Julia cardigan pattern soI’ll look forward to seeing yours if you make one up.

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