Grainline Scout Tee made with Let’s have a party, True Colors by Cloud 9 fabric. 

Here is my latest finished Grainline Scout Tee and I’m just so happy with it. The sunny weather is just prefect today too, as for me this fabric just shouts ‘summer!’


I bought the fabric with birthday vouchers from the Village Haberdashery . As soon as I saw it, on one of my many internet fabric browsing sessions, I knew I just had to have it and it hasn’t disappointed when the package arrived. The fabric is 100% organic cotton voile. It has a lovely look and feel, it’s very delicate and almost has a crisp papery feel about it, in a good way if that makes sense and it is easy to sew with. As the fabric is very thin it is quite transparent, so I’ll have to wear a white top underneath, but I think that will the colours pop more.

Grainline Studios Scout Tee


There isn’t that much to say. The fabric was lovely to cut and simple to sew together, apart from one wee mistake when I sewed the sleeves inside out 😦 I used my favourite  French seams.

As the fabric is so light I was concerned about the neckline pattern on the binding showing through the top. I had considered using a cream binding but through an Instagram chat with Helen (a fellow blogger and Grainline Scout Sewer) I decided to use the binding on the outside rather then the inside. As shared by Helen I used this tutorial from Coletterie on neckline facings, which was really helpful. I love the way the binding turned out. Especially the part in the photo shown below where the fabric lines up into stripes, which I admit was more serendipitous  then design!

Grainline. Studios Scout Tee

For the hemline in both the arms and body I used the rolled hem foot which again worked a treat on this delicate fabric.



Overall I am so pleased with the finished result, the fabric was not a let down and I am sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it this summer. The scout tee pattern also worked well to highlight the fabric, as I feel it allows the bold graphic pattern and colours to be the main focus of the top. 

 Now I’m off to finish my chambray scout tee whilst watching High Society which will no doubt inspire my another vintage pledge. ☺️


13 thoughts on “Grainline Scout Tee made with Let’s have a party, True Colors by Cloud 9 fabric. 

    1. Oh thank you! The rolled hem foot is an amazing invention and worth the fiddling around with to get the hang of. I have actually been naughty and bought more of the fabric from the same range… It’s so lovely. Xx


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