My first completed Grainline Studio Scout Tee

I have to admit it, I’m a little behind with blogging about items I’ve finished. I recently blogged about ideas for the Grainline Studios Scout Tee pattern and I have finished one and almost completed another. For this version I took inspiration from some of the colour blocked T shirts I have seen around in the shops and I decided to create chambray yoke. 



For the yoke I used indigo chambray I purchased on esty ages ago and some left over Liberty Lawn which I bought from mandors possibly 4 years ago! I did a little bit of Pinterest research and decided to finish the yoke just under the arm hole and change the design from my original idea to use the chambray for the sleeves too. I debated this in my head for ages and in the end went with my gut and opted for the chambray, sometimes these decisions can be so tricky! Another tricky one was deciding where to take the liberty lawn up to on the back and whether to continue the chambray all the way round. In the end I decided to use the liberty for the whole back panel and I think works well. 

Since completing the top I have worn it on a couple of sunny sprong days and I am really pleased with the finished result. Here I am wearing it on one such sunny day! 




I love the shape of the hem line but wish I had made the top a bit longer. The fabric is lovely, but a little see through hence the white top underneath. But to be honest I often layer up tops. 

The fabric annoyingly crinkles when I sit down along the front of the hem, which you can see in the first  photo. I love the design it’s a graphic floral (I don’t usually wear flowers) I think I’m attracted to the bold primary colours.

I have to say I like the inside of my top almost as much as the outside which makes me smile.



I used French seams my go to method and the liberty lawn for the neck line binding. I also tried out a new rolled hem foot for the hem. Look at the results –



It was a little bit fiddly to get the knack of it at first. But it works so well and I love the look of the really fine hem, especially on this light delicate fabric. Hemming is one of the sewing to dos I like the least, so using this foot is a great tool for me! It also allowed me to keep some of the valuable length by not wasting fabric on a big hem. 

Next on my sewing list is finishing off my chambray tee and making up my vintage pledge muslin. I also have a little list of items to share on the blog 😀 

What is  your favourite way to hem? Or do you have any useful wee tricks to share?


6 thoughts on “My first completed Grainline Studio Scout Tee

  1. Lovely, I love the combination of the print and chambray. I also really have to get one of those rolled hem feet, what a lovely neat finish. Sometime I hand hem but I’m usually too lazy unless there’s no better option! Have you tried the machine blind hem foot? I’ve used it a couple of times with ok results though I find that the mechanics of how it works really complicated. (It’s not, that’s just my brain…)

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    1. Thanks Kerry! I haven’t tried to blind hem foot, not sure I have one, I’ll need to check it out, I have a selection of random feet. One thing I learnt with the rolled hem foot is you have to prepare your seams and take the bulk out or the foot gets stuck :/


  2. This is lovely!! Love the combo of both fabrics. And that bias facing is just perfect!!! How did you get it so neat?! Amazing. I’m also intrigued that your Scout looks so much more fitted than mine do, both on the shoulders and on the body. Did you go with your bust measurement, or anything else? I sometimes worry that mine are all too large. I truly am clueless about fit!!!

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    1. Thank you!
      I’m really not sure how this one fits so neatly. The chambray one I’ve made seems to be a little bigger on the fit and I’m worried it looks like an overall and I cut the same size. Maybe it’s just the thinner cotton lawn. I just went with the bust measurement which I’m between a 4 and a 6. I made a 4 in some cotton and felt like the Incredible Hulk around the shoulders! So I went with a 6. I really struggle with fit too! Especially around my waist, the post baby body is confusing. I need a expert to measure me and tell me what to do. Deciding on size is the hardest part of sewing for me! I keep putting off making a skirt as I just don’t know what size to cut.
      I think your tops look lovely. They inspired me to sew one! I was worried if it was too fitted I wouldn’t be able to get it over my head! Sorry for the ramble…


      1. No – that makes sense. I overfitted my first ever Scout and I also have that hulk feeling. It’s too small in the upper back. Gutting as I made it in silk!!! I have thought about sizing down but I’m nervous the same happens again and I’m too lazy to muslin it!!! The description says “fitted at the shoulders” but if you Google image it, the fit varies hugely from person to person, and on Jen herself I would say it’s hugely fitted around the shoulders. It probably doesn’t matter – if we like it, what difference does it make? But, I dunno, it bugs me that I might not have it right for some reason!!!


      2. I know what you mean. I googled it too and on some people it is quite a fitted tee. As you saw with the chambray it is a much loser fit… I don’t get it. But I’m happy with my tops so I guess that’s ok. I wish someone could run a one day fitting course, I always think I’ll try with my next top and then I’m too exited to sew that I jump in! X


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