Cooking up plans for the Grainline Scout Tee

I thought instead of blogging about a finished garment, I thought I’d share some of my sewing plans for the Grainline Scout Tee, which has my imagination fired up. I am so excited about this pattern for numerous reasons!

1 – I have seen so many cool versions on this top! Helen’s, Hazels and Jen of Grainline Studios. I’ve pinned lots more on Pinterest which are so inspiring.

2 – I’m currently on maternity leave so I’m a little bit broke! So I am hoping this pattern will allow me to use up some of the odds and ends in my stash and make some nice summery tops for going back to work.

3 – The patten is simple and beautiful, I am hoping to be able to make simple alterations to suit my ideas and still be able to sew it up in a couple of evenings. It also fits into my sewing aims of making things I will actually wear!

4 – In the long term I am hoping this pattern will allow me to purchase the one off expensive bit of fabric to make a simple beautiful top that will showcase the beautiful fabric and not break the bank.

Here are my plans so far for my first 3 tees.

  • Simple Jade Green Tee – 

This version will use up rayon fabric left over  from a green mathilde top I recently made. I purchased the fabric it a scottish bloggers meet up in manors. This version will be quite simple with on a slight alteration to the length of the top.

my finished mathilde blouse
  • Liberty Lawn and denim chambray 

I purchased this lovely Liberty fabric many years ago! I used it to make a kaftan which I love wearing in the summer as it is so light and cool. I have quite a bit left over which I’d like to use up, I also have this small piece of light weight denim chambray. So I plan to use the denim across the yoke, I had thought of using it for the sleeves too, I’m not sure, so you never know things still might change!

For this version I again plan to lengthen the body and also I will alter the front panel to include a denim yoke.

my previous top and a detail of this beautiful fabric


  • Denim chambray

I recently made a dotty chambray Mathilde, I’m yet to blog about it but I’m really pleased with it and loved sewing with the chambray! It’s from the village haberdashery and it’s so pretty!

For this version of the Scout Tee I would like to make the most of my three ideas to the initial pattern. I hope to round off the hem line to go up slightly into the side seams. I’ll need to look up the technical name! I also plan to lengthen sleeves so I can roll them up. I’m also questioning whether to put a pocket detail on the front. I think I will use spotty chambray on the front and plain for the rest.

my short sleeved mathilde!

(Plans for a dark red Deer and Doe Chardon skirt are forming to wear with the chambray tee.. I just ordered that pattern.)

Oh and in honour of my sister in law Katie’s and my obsession with stripes I’m on the look out for some nice navy and white fabric to make a Breton version!


The planning of my sewing projects is one of the parts I most enjoy. I love the research looking at other peoples projects and finding the ideal pattern and fabric for what I’d like to make. I recently bought a sketch book as I used to just scribble things down on bits old paper as I like to see things visually, they aren’t brilliant sketches, but they help me. I also like the idea of recording all my ideas and having the sketch book to look back at. I also hope that I will make more thoughtful choices with my fabric and pattern choices and not just give into my impulses and buy any piece of fabric and pattern that I fancy as I’d be broke!

How do you palm your projects? Are you an impulse sewer or do you plan well in advance?

Well That’s my plans committed to the blogosphere so I’ll be back soon to show the finished pieces!


8 thoughts on “Cooking up plans for the Grainline Scout Tee

  1. Those tops look lovely, the Liberty and chambray one in particular. Sometimes the best projects are the ones with boundaries imposed, like when you challenge yourself to use leftovers. They are extra satisfying!
    A sewing notebook is a great idea, helpful to keep notes of changes you make to patterns too for when you make them again.
    Happy Sewing! xxx

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