Hello Sewing World!

Hello to the blogging world. This is my first blog post (so I’m a wee bit nervous). I have wanted to do this for a while, but have been putting it off as I didn’t really know where to start. So after cheekily attending two Scottish sewing bloggers meet ups (without a blog) and meeting some lovely sewers, I realised my sewing would benefit from being in contact with such lovely people and sharing my projects and learning from others. So this is the start of my blog. I’m taking the plunge!

For my first post I thought I would share a recent make, which I actually started at one of the blogger meet ups. The project is a Colette Laurel Denim dress. I have wanted to make a denim dress for ages, so after much research and looking for a pattern with a simple and none figure hugging style I went for the Colette Laurel.

I love the finished result. I purchased the denim fabric online from the Fabric Godmother. I had originally planned on making it out of chambray, but I worried that the thiner fabric would not give me the comfortable none figure hugging shape I wanted to allow me to hide my post baby bumps! I also ordered an exposed zip online to give the plain dress a bit of interest in the back and used the same denim fabric on the reverse to do the pockets.

New techniques

Because I used denim I decided to go for stronger flat felled seams which I found surprisingly easy and they are definitely a technique would employ again. Originally I decided to use a light grey top stitch, but I quickly decided I didn’t like the affect so got the seam ripper out!

My experiment with the exposed seam was also a new technique. Rather than following the pattern I used bias binding to neaten the seams then folded back the fabric to create a channel to insert the zip into. I think the finished result works well! I must admit that I used a generous hem on the neckline so that the zip sat in line well.



I aim to create clothes that last and make the inside structure look as nice as the outside. So for this make I used bias binding on any exposed edges. I actually think the softer edges of the bias binding make the dress more comfortable too.
I reversed the fabric for the pockets to add a wee bit of interest to the front of the dress. I decided to use the grey thread to add a bit of detail to the pockets too.

I found the pattern really easy to follow. It fits well for the look that I wanted to achieve, although it is a little bit tight on the arms and if I was to make it again in a different fabric I would maybe attempt a smaller size around the body and a larger size in the arms.
But overall I think the project was a success and I know I will wear this socially and to work, so all in all I’m chuffed!


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